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Clark in a box while Dix gets outside

Premier Christy Clark is in a fiscal box. The provincial government doesn't have much money right now and, so far, Ms. Clark has no plans to change that by raising taxes. Which means, unless the economy turns around, she won't be making many vote-getting spending announcements between now and the next election. By comparison, New Democrat leader Adrian Dix has said if he wins government he'll be raising corporate taxes back to where they were in 2008.

Public Eye Radio - October 9, 2011 lineup

Sunday morning, on Public Eye Radio, Canadians for Tax Fairness president Murray Dobbin discusses the politics of raising corporate taxes. Provincial Liberal caucus chair Gordon Hogg talks about his government's initiative to encourage social innovation. And our rabble-rousing panel - Eleanor Gregory, the Times Colonist's Dave Obee, the Georgia Straight's Charlie Smith and Troy Sebastian - debate the week that was in provincial and federal politics. You can listen to Public Eye Radio outside of Victoria by logging into CFAX 1070 between 8:00 and 10:00. If you have a question for one of our guests, you can email us or leave a comment below.

Ex-James staffers backing Topp

Earlier, we reported Brian Topp's bid for the federal New Democrat leadership is being supported by Gerry Scott. Now we've learned of former provincial New Democrat leader Carole James's senior staffers - chief of staff Jim Rutkowski and outreach director Raj Sihota - are volunteering for Mr. Topp. Mr. Rutkowski is presently an associate with public relations firm CGI Group.

Regulators to face future post-employment restrictions?

Energy and Mines Minister Rich Coleman is sending mixed signals about whether there should be restrictions against oil and gas commission employees leaving to work for the companies that agency regulates. The issue has come up because, in August, the head of that commission Alex Ferguson left to become a senior advisor with oil add gas company Apache Canada Ltd.

Local government lobby urges port protect measures

The province's municipalities are urging the government to introduce measures to protect our ports from potential competition in Alaska. The municipalities are concerned mining companies operating in northwestern British Columbia could ship their commodities via a port near Wrangell, Alaska rather than ones located in-province.

Cunningham gets government appointment

Add another Christy Clark supporter to the list of provincial government appointees. Earlier, we reported on how orders in council naming seven of those supporters to various government boards were passed on the same day. And now the province has made former federal Liberal British Columbia president and candidate Bill Cunningham a Simon Fraser University governor. Mr. Cunningham was also once executive director of the federal government's minister's regional office in Vancouver.

Clark skips holding post-throne speech reception

In the past, the Liberal government has hosted a post-throne speech reception for supporters at The Union Club of British Columbia. But no such event happened yesterday following the Clark administration first speech from the throne. The reason: well, our understanding is that's party because the Christy Clark's inaugural Victoria leader's dinner is scheduled to take place just 13 days from now, with attendees paying between $225 to $300 for that privilege.

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