What lessons were learned from Public Eye?

That's the question the Canadian Centre for Investigative Reporting asked me following my decision to suspend Public Eye's daily reporting. In an article published by the centre and J-Source.ca I provide some of the answers, revealing the secrets of its success and why it was difficult to capitalize on it. You can check it out here.

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Well Sean it sure seems to me there is an element in the BCNDP camp that wanted you gone. Sad to see them win... I mean they blasted you for me donating to the point I stopped in the hope they'd lighten up and then while the BCNDP disintegrated they tried to cut you off. See, they - but especially RossK & TheTyee - don't like truly free speech.

At least BCLibs like Kevin Falcon, Mike Klassen, Alise Mills and I clearly care for you. See we have integrity, unlike say BCMary who panders sick rumours about just about any woman who is a BCLib. I hope though Public Eye is able to survive because Public Eye shone an uncomfortable but necessary truth for the disabled communities on what was going on. Your radio show is... rad!

Thank you Sean.

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