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It's been just over a week since I announced I was suspending Public Eye's daily investigative coverage of provincial politics. Since then, I've been overwhelmed and appreciative of everyone who has expressed their support for the work I've done over the past eight years. I'm also appreciative of coverage of that announcement - which included interviews on CBC Radio, CFAX 1070 and Shaw TV, as well as a news story and an op-ed in The Tyee. That resulted in Public Eye being Canada's top trending twitter topic - which gives me hope for the future of investigative journalism in this country, a future that I will be part of. So remember to continue to check in with Public Eye for updates on my radio show, as well as future projects.

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There's no denying your excellent work on Public Eye Online. There's no denying how hungry we have been for the news ... the real news ... about what's devouring British Columbia even as we speak.

You've been generous in granting permission for me to copy some of your findings onto my BC Rail blog, over the years. I congratulate you, and thank you for all those things.

But now I have to say how deeply disappointing it is for me -- who trotted in your footsteps these past 8 years -- hoping to find that your skills would be turned loose on the biggest, most significant political event in BC history: on the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial. But no, that hasn't happened. Not yet.

British Columbia will always be the poorer, without the insights you could undoubtedly provide. I never believed that mere distance could keep the journalist in you from attending even one of the pre-trial hearings in Vancouver, or the short, sneaky chop-off of the "trial" itself. Especially when a few of the hearings were held in Victoria. And most especially when we all know that neither Basi, Virk, nor Basi were responsible for dumping the priceless BC Rail.

It isn't too late. It ain't over until it's over.

What's your final summary of the BC Rail affair? I, for one, would love to know your opinion. Or ... make my day: tell us you're working on The Book. OK?

All the best, Sean.

BC Mary
The Legislature Raids

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