Public Eye Radio - October 9, 2011 lineup

Sunday morning, on Public Eye Radio, Canadians for Tax Fairness president Murray Dobbin discusses the politics of raising corporate taxes. Provincial Liberal caucus chair Gordon Hogg talks about his government's initiative to encourage social innovation. And our rabble-rousing panel - Eleanor Gregory, the Times Colonist's Dave Obee, the Georgia Straight's Charlie Smith and Troy Sebastian - debate the week that was in provincial and federal politics. You can listen to Public Eye Radio outside of Victoria by logging into CFAX 1070 between 8:00 and 10:00. If you have a question for one of our guests, you can email us or leave a comment below.


Very, very good comments on cleavagegate today. I think frankly the people w/ special needs who felt slighted by Bloy's milquetoast performance are now being slighted by this dustup. SHAME on the BCNDP for starting this flame war... SHAME on the conservatives ganging up on Alise Mills for sticking up for her rival just 8 months ago like the hero she is... SHAME on the perversion of the BCNDP for not rolling this back.

Let's be clear. David Schreck is entitled to his opinion. He is usually right on the mark He does nor speak for the NDP any more than JosefK speaks for the BC Liberals. On one level I would prefer to have Jennifer Lopez for premier and on another level it is hard to take anybody seriously who tries so hard to be like her. The fact remains that the comment would not have gone very far if it was not for the defensiveness of the pro Christy crowd. It was a tempest in a tea pot but was made into something more for political reasons,

I do not give a dam what she wears, we need to focus on this gas tax and punish municipal politicians for passing this, when a proper government takes over BC,not the Liberals or NDP,legislation must be brought in to abolish the UBCM, also their must be no salaries paid for boards or staff this must be a public service, not a career.

Why are you not questioning Terry Lake on where the money is going on carbon tax,there is a reason his riding wanted to get rid of him.

When you go to your local gas pump read the g.d. sticker on it, it tells you what taxes your paying now, if you can add I believe we are paying 35 cents per litre now. If this tax is approved will be paying 37 cents per litre plus the carbon tax increase of 1.1 cents per litre towards taxes.

Where the money going from the Carbon Tax now, it should be paying for transportation and evergreen line now.

Liberals are a incompetant group including their staff,senior management, they could not manage a hot dog stand on their own, bubbling fools.

And Liberals want to deal with China, look at China now to day fools it is imploying within and you want to rely on China, time for this wing Bell to go knows nothing about investing the clown

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