Clark wrongly claims no one predicted economic turmoil

"I told British Columbians back in January or February that I would do this and my hope was that we would be able to do it for this coming year. But, since then, we've seen the economy deteriorate very significantly. No one predicted we would be where we are now internationally. So we are doing it for 2013 instead because it's my hope that, by then, the economy will have improved significantly." That's what Premier Christy Clark said yesterday when asked about business community concerns surrounding her promise to create a Family Day holiday starting on February 19, 2013. But Ms. Clark is incorrect when she claims no one could have predicted an economic downturn when she first made that promise during her campaign for the Liberal leadership.

In fact, a month before that announcement, a United Nation report stated the world economic outlook for 2011 was "shrouded in great uncertainty and serious downside risks remain." Indeed, it warned "Europe could well see a double-dip recession, while the economies of the United States and Japan might virtually stagnate and possibly also fall back into recession in 2011."


LOL - those of us without the security of a gold-plated taxpayer-funded pension plan have had no choice but to pay attention to the precarious global economic climate... and not just since January or February - the current era of heightened global economic volatily and risk has been with us for at least 4 years now!

I can't believe she actually said that. Where has she been lately? Maybe she should enroll in economics 101.

Enrolling in economics 101 probably wouldn't do Clark much good, since at least 90% of economists were as surprised by the global financial crisis as she was. There definitely were economists and others who saw this whole crisis coming, though. In fact, those economists awarded the Revere Award (after Paul Revere) for the economist who first and most cogently warned the world of the coming Global Financial Collapse. Steve Keen won for his analysis of the role of debt. Just yesterday, in fact, he launched the updated version of his book, Debunking Economics, and he's currently working on an econometric computer model of the economy that takes debt into account (believe it or not, most models don't) and which he will make free to students.

I tell you this woman is half baked she cannot be Premier for long!

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