Clark throne speech commentary limited

It was the Clark administration's first speech from the throne. But, during a news conference tightly controlled by press secretary Chris Olsen, Premier Christy Clarkspent just over eight minutes answering media questions about its contents. By comparison, her embattled predecessor Gordon Campbell spent almost 11 minutes taking questions following his administration's last throne speech - and that was back when he wasn't particularly enthusiastic about being scrummed by the press gallery.


The key word is "controlled by". In my humble opinion, Mrs. Clark is just a pretty face. She makes Mrs. Palin and Mrs. Balkman look smart. I am sorry to criticize her,however, I do not believe in her as a bonafide Premier. She is only an acting, unelected fearless leader. She is unwilling to face the voters of the Best Place on Earth. Families first, let have voters first.

I guess that means Olsen is no longer on your side?

Ken, the Premier decided to wait until 2013 - which is a fixed election date - due to the not-so private urgings of caucus + the team pundit Alise Mills and finally the crowded year of a federal election + HST + many provincial elections + BC muincipal elections in November. Remember, you're voting for your MLA - not the Premier unless the Premier happens to be your MLA.

Basic BC Poli Sci 101.

I disagree with JosefK. Any provincial election is a vote for the premier and the party. Further down the list is the MLA. People are waiting to send Christy and her crew a message. She won't call it yet because she and all her advisers are worried. It has nothing to do with federal elections, HST. or Municipal Elections. Those are convenient excuses.

Looks like Olsen is on her side, not ours, now!

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