Premier revisits promise to review Crown agencies

Premier Christy Clark's government is dusting off a two-year old commitment by her predecessor Gordon Campbell. In today's throne speech, it was announced the Clark administration will follow-up on its review of BC Hydro with a "similarly hard look at all Crown corporations, starting in January." But readers may remember the 2009 throne speech promised "Health Authorities, Boards of Education and Crown corporations" would be subject to similar reviews "in the year ahead." But those agencies - with the exception of BC Hydro, British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. and the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority - have so far remained unscrutinized.

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Could a review and possible fold-up of Community Living BC potentially be part of that?

Why should taxpayers fork out $50 - $60 million a year to keep Rick Mowles & co in the style they've become accustomed to, if the minister & premier find they're still permanently in the political hot seat and pressured into over-ruling CLBC's decisions on a daily basis?

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