Liberal overruns just as large as NDP's

The Liberals like to think of themselves as good money managers - or at least better than the New Democratic Party. So they often remind voters of the NDP's fast ferries project, which went 120 percent over-budget. But it's not as if the Liberals haven't had any cost overruns. For example, on Friday, BC Place was re-opened following a revitalization program that cost 55 percent more than its initial estimate. The Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Project cost 78 percent more than expected and the Port Mann/Highway 1 Improvement Project will likely cost 121 percent more when the final price tag is in - including interest charges and project management costs. Which, coincidentally, makes it comparable to the NDP's fast ferries project. So, when British Columbians next go to the polls, you can be sure New Democrat leader Adrian Dix will be reminding voters of those failings.


Only one of them cannot be used again or ever return real value to taxpayers because it was an absolute, incredible failure that BC Ferries couldn't use... the PacifiCatastrophe. Thank you.

As was just demonstrated by JosefK, the Liberal Government could squander ten times as much cash as the Fast Ferries and some would still think that - all those workers in BC building them notwithstanding - the NDP were worse money managers. Make that 20 times as much for some. I guess some people will never let the facts get in the way of what they want to believe.

Never mind the cost overruns as a percentage of the original estimation/declaration. Look at the dollar values. The renovation of BC Place is over $100 million more costly than the Fastcats. Considering David Podmore admitted on Christy Clark's radio program a while back that BC Place lost approximately $1 million per year, where is the business case for spending $563 million dollars?

If we had a legitimate media operating in BC, the first question they should have asked is how much of the $563 million was reclaimed after the first BC Lions game when they drew over 50,000 fans, an attendance figure that will not be reached again in a regular season game.

I'm sure that those people that live outside the lower mainland were just ecstatic to see their tax dollars being sunk into a facility that most of them will never enter and loses money to boot.

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