Public Eye Survey - September 28, 2011 results

A concerted attempt was made to manipulate the results of an online survey asking Public Eye readers if they preferred the Liberals old logo or new logo. Of the 863 votes cast, 559 came from the same Shaw IP address between 5:52 and 6:24 in the evening on September 28. All of the questionable votes favoured the new logo, which features Christy Clark's first name in red lettering. Of the remaining 304 votes, 82 percent favoured the old logo, which was replaced earlier this week.


It was not in any way me. I preferred the old logo w/ the new fonts & colour scheme. Plz release the IP address so we can hold the person accountable.

God Sean these Liberals will try anything, but I voted for the old logo,but prefer blue to be in power soon!

Imagine the BC Liberals having to rig a poll about their own logo. The IP address can probably be traced back to the Public Affairs Bureau. Can't wait for the next election so we can turf them out.

Great to see the attempted manipulation exposed.

lol, now at least we know what Pamela Martin does!!

Spin, spin, spin - Christy Liberal democracy in action. I wonder if that is the same outfit, that started the brilliant Cummins PR campaign.


Your revelations regarding the manipulation of the poll need follow up. Will you be publishing the identity of the culprit(s)? If they were friends or members of the BC Liberal Party it would simply be offensive. On the other hand if it should come to light that someone actually on the payroll of the Government of BC was involved I would expect that to be a firing offence.

What ray said, I agree with. Playing w/ polls & petitions should not be done by gov't.

redgreen, I doubt seriously Pamela Martin would know how to a) find an internet cookie, b) identify it as from the poll, c) delete said cookie, d) vote again, e) repeat steps a-d. Aim lower down the command chain...

Talk about jumping to conclusions.

Just a polite reminder that this could simply be a case of a single individual taking it upon him/herself to do this without any direction, endorsement, etc. from "above". Individuals have been known to do stupid things like this, thinking that it is somehow “helpful”, and it then proves to be a source of much embarrassment to the political party or politician involved.

Hell, if we are going to throw "conspiracy theories" out there, couldn't it be the handiwork of someone who is not a Liberal supporter who is doing it with the expectation that people will respond in the same manner that most on here seem to be doing in the hope that it will reflect poorly on CC or the Libs? I’m just saying ... ;-)

I have an idea. Why don't we wait and see if any more information is forthcoming regarding the identity of the person involved and whatever political connections they have and/or their possible motivations for manipulating the poll results before we start making all kinds of assertions about who is doing it and why?

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