MLAs invited to celebrate pricey project

Legislators have been invited to celebrate BC Place's re-opening following the competition of a $565 million stadium upgrade project that cost $200 million more than initially estimated. In an email sent to MLAs and exclusively obtained by Public Eye, Jobs, Tourism and Innovation Minister Pat Bell advised that elected officials and their guest "will have the use of the Edgewater Lounge, along with municipal leaders, workers and other PavCo guests." The celebration is schedule to take place tomorrow during a BC Lions game. The following is a complete copy of the aforementioned email.

Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the Pavilion Corporation, I would like to invite all Members of the Legislative Assembly and a guest to join British Columbians in celebrating the re-opening of BC Place on Friday, September 30, 2011.

The BC Lions will host the Edmonton Eskimos in the first event to take place in the stadium since the original roof was deflated in Spring, 2010. The stadium has been under construction since then, receiving not only the world's largest cable-supported retractable roof, but a complete retro-fit that has modernized one of our province's greatest public assets.

MLAs and their guest will have the use of the Edgewater Lounge, along with municipal leaders, workers and other PavCo guests.

To RSVP, please contact George Lenko at

Pat Bell


I like the looks of this new stadium and roof, the only missing is the relocated and expanded Casino, there should have a plebsite in Vancouver to express what they wanted not these wing nut minority groups of Robertson's, I hope on Nov 19,2011 the people of Vancouver are smart enough to vote this wing nut NDP mayor and Vision Vancouver Council out!

Sean, I really question if this is more protocol than news. Notice the use of the word "all" - which means BCNDP & Independent MLAs are welcome.

I worry because some of the more... hyper Dippper & Con partisans will spin this as gov't waste rather than respect that this is standard protocol to bring in the politicians and thank them for their service. Thanks.

I do not care who goes but Ida Chong should pay and do not let her near the food!

Thank them for their service!!! You're kidding right. They will all be there to suck whatever they can out of the BC taxpayer

Kerry, most MLAs do NOT sit at a cottage waiting to play a hockey match at The Rockpile for millions of dollars. Please spare us...

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