New BC Liberal logo could have featured dogwood

Earlier this month, we reported the provincial Liberals would be rolling out a new logo and Website. That happened yesterday. But Public Eye has learned the party's new logo, which highlights Christy Clark's first name in red lettering, was one of several possibilities under consideration by the party. Among the discarded options was a logo featuring a dogwood - British Columbia's official flower.


I miss the old logo. Looked good on an airplane spelling out the BCLiberals. Have concerns about tying the Premier into the party - very, very risky.

But I like the new colour scheme & fonts. I understand somebody used them in a YouTube of his call about the "BC Cons" in a YouTube. The Open Sans one can get from Google for free, legitimately is quite obvious...

Is the governing party now the Christy Clark Party or the BC Liberal Party?

Talk about being on an ego trip.

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