Is Clark putting families first or businesses?

Does Christy Clark want to put British Columbia families first or businesses? If I was Joe or Jane Public, that's the question I'd be asking following the release of the premier's jobs plan. That plan is long on lending a hand to those businesses - from promising to cut red tape to opening up new markets for their products. But its short on lending a hand to families.

It's almost as if Ms. Clark believes the big guys will help out the little guys if government helps the big guys out. That's not a particularly populist position for the premier to take. Nor is it likely to find favour with the 45 percent of Canadians who don't trust businesses to do what is right, according to polling commissioned by a leading international public relations firm.

And that will potentially put Ms. Clark last in the minds of families worried about whether they'll be able to keep or even get a paycheque as the global economy heads into a double dip recession.


With as many "Howe Street toadies" as Clark has in her cabinet, it is hard to see who she could rely on for ideas for "family friendly" policies.

We were actually wondering whose families are first. No one can identify a single thing that she's announced that will actually benefit one of BC's ordinary families.....

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