Clark looks to boost jobs...and party bank account

Premier Christy Clark isn't just hoping to boost British Columbia's employment numbers with her jobs plan. She's also hoping to boost her party's bank account. In an email sent to Liberals supporters, Ms. Clark states "implementing this plan is my central mission as your premier. I need your help to get the job done - that's why it would be great if you could make a secure online donation of $25, $50 or $75 by clicking here." It's unclear what role, if any, the party will play in that employment strategy - unless it's providing jobs to Ms. Clark's supporters. But we digress.

Dear Supporter,

I am writing to give you a quick snapshot of "Canada Starts Here: The BC Jobs Plan" which I have been discussing around BC this week.

We call it "Canada Starts Here" because our province call pull Canada into the next century and lead this country like never before.

Isn't that a great idea?

To do this we have a comprehensive plan that will reach across our province and economy by focusing on three key pillars - enabling job creation, creating smart infrastructure and opening new markets for BC products.

It's a plan that recognizes sometimes government has to lead, but sometimes the best thing government can do is get out of the way and let the private sector do its job creating jobs.

Here are a few highlights:

* we are taking steps to facilitate prompt answers for investors and to chop the backlog in permitting applications. This isn't about weakening environmental protections, but is about saying the government that makes the laws has to be able to process the permits.

* we are providing tax incentives to help small businesses, and a review of business taxes to make sure we are competitive and attractive to investors.

* we are focused on skills training so young people can get the skills they need to be able to stay in the communities where they grew up - and more families can stay together.

We need this plan because we live in a world of global economic uncertainty and we have to play offence to make sure we don't get left behind. While others hunker down we are going to step up and lead like never before. This is important so we can defend the jobs we already have, as well as creating new ones.

I have never been one to think you solve a problem by throwing money at it, so our plan includes very modest spending commitments.

The NDP may not like it, but I would rather focus on respecting taxpayers with smart, strategic investments that focus on maximizing Return on Investment instead of maximizing spending.

Implementing this plan is my central mission as your premier.

I need your help to get the job done - that's why it would be great if you could make a secure online donation of $25, $50 or $75 by clicking here.

We are going to take what's great about Canada and make it better.

This is our time - it is our chance to lead. When it comes to building the future, Canada starts here.

Christy Clark, Premier


To your party no thanks Im a ex Liberal and not contributing to you I will to the BCC though in time.

It is all more of the same. Trickle-down economics and we know how that has worked. Two of the three points above deal with making it easier for business and they are not tied to creating jobs. Making it easier always leads to less oversight of the environment or resource development. Selling B.C to the foreign investors or reap the profits today but pay the piper tomorrow. The last point is on skills training. If there is no increase in the number of jobs then all the training in the world won't help you. The third point sounds like a sop to the voters.

Okay, the BC-Con and the BCNDPer had their say...

The BCLib from never-never land where money doesn't grow on trees deserves a say to.

Listening to the BCNDP - they only have one idea to heal the economy: Retrofit to earthquake-proof. I agree w/ Alise Mills that a real strategy needs to be broader. Namely create jobs via IPPs to give ownership for generations of jobs... with "private money" to get "job training". Instead of a short term solution, it's time for a real "job creation conversation" out of you two guys.

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