Clark job plan has political risks

Could Premier Christy Clark lose her job by trying to help British Columbians keep their jobs? Quite possibly. Ms. Clark is rolling out her plan to foster employment growth in British Columbia this week. Than announcement comes as the province's jobless numbers and the risks of a Canadian recession are on the rise. So, from a governance perspective, it makes sense for employment to be at the top of Ms. Clark's agenda. But from a political perspective, it could be risky.

After all, heading into an election, British Columbians will be able to easily see how successful the premier's jobs plan has been just by looking at the province's employment numbers. If those numbers dip, expect New Democrat leader Adrian Dix to pillory that plan as a failure while Ms. Clark argues more jobs would have been lost if she hadn't acted.

But that's not a very defensible position for the premier to be in - especially if the policies Ms. Clark champions are more about getting out of the way of big business than standing up for families.

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