Liberals cast stones from glass house at Cummins

Earlier, we reported provincial Conservative leader John Cummins is now living in Langley, which is presently held by Liberal MLA Mary Polak. So it should comes as no surprise Ms. Polak - who could be running against Mr. Cummins in the next election - has been assigned to front an attack campaign targeting the Conservatives. As part of that campaign, the Liberals are knocking Mr. Cummins for "taking a federal pension while running for provincial office." But, in doing so, the governing party seems to have forgotten former premier Gordon Campbell may soon be in a similar situation. The following is a complete copy of the email notifying Liberals about the attack campaign.

We Cant Trust Cummins
Dear Supporter,

Earlier today the BC Liberal Party began an extensive campaign to inform the public about the BC Conservative Party, and their unprincipled leader, John Cummins.

This campaign comes after months of irresponsible attacks from Cummins against Premier Christy Clark, our government and our party.

Cummins' attacks play into the hands of the NDP. We have decided enough is enough!

The spokesperson for this campaign is Minister Mary Polak, the Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation. Mary points out that Cummins is an unprincipled politician whose positions are all over the map.

Here are some examples of the unprincipled actions of Cummins:

* he calls himself a conservative, but voted NDP in the last provincial election (even though there was a BCC candidate in his riding)

* he opposed the increase in the minimum wage while taking a $100,000.00 pension paid for by taxpayers

* he wants to be a double-dipper - he's taking a federal pension while running for provincial office

* Cummins opposed the Pacific Gateway initiative, including the roads and bridges in the Lower Mainland that are essential to our economic growth and to job creation

* Cummins even attacked Christy for fighting to get BC our fair share of federal ship-building contracts!

These facts and others can be found on the new website appropriately called You can hear our new radio ads on the site, and also donate. Please circulate this link to your family, friends and business associates.

Moving to expose the BCC now is essential in allowing us to make sure the NDP is stopped later. I hope you can take a minute to make a secure online donation of $25, $50, or $100 to keep these ads on the air.


Sharon White
President, BC Liberal Party


No Sean, this is the Langley Lions of Liberty doing their thang. I can add.

1 = Taxpayers federation targeting MP pensions led by Jordan Bateman


1 = Mary Polak back on attack


Langley is back in the fight! They really have no love for socialism down there... or Cummins who voted socialist.

Who would believe anything said by a BC Liberal about anyone or anything? When MAry Polak attacks John Cummins or anyone else, people consider the source.

Advocate, I remember the source when I read your comments too :-).

I love it. A politician calling another "unprincipled". A BC Liberal at that.

Polak leading the charge is pretty laughable. She survives by doing what she is told. Sure the BC Liberals are afraid of the BC Conservatives, mostly because a lot of BC Liberals are federal Conservatives. I'm no conservative federal or provincial but John Cummings has more information of the Aboriginal business,than the ministry Polak supposedly is in charge of, than she ever will have. His papers on aboriginal fishing are very well researched and worth a read.

The Liberals are a group of boneheads and Polak is one of them, end of story!

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