Taxpayer dollars paid for HST ads at media outlets

The province spent almost $3.6 million of taxpayer money on print, radio and television advertisements in support of the harmonized sales tax, according to records obtained via freedom of information requests filed separately by The Tyee's Andrew Macleod and Public Eye. An analysis of those records shows $591,175.80 of that amount went toward commercials on Global branded stations. The government also made major buys at media outlets such as CTV British Columbia, The Vancouver Sun and Omni BC. The following is a complete list of those buys. advertising buys


The Liberals and their supporters must be punished at the polls for wasting this money on the HST, meaning if the BCC win the next election all Liberals members must make up the short full by increased taxes.

Can someone remind me which television outlet received the 'no fall election' exclusive from Ms. Clark?


Hang on a second...

Wasn't there a most memorable tweet-fight about that very matter?


Well, I think we see why Global was such a cheerleader for the HST. They certainly had a prominent place at the trough. Just think of what we could have done with all that money that would benefit the people of BC. Shameful.

This business of government buy advertising space in a referendum, particularly when they are allowed to spend more than the other side is really offensive for the reason Richard alluded to above. How is this fair. The media is influenced to support the government's position. I guess it is another reason why the media generally is suffering from a lack of credibility. More people are going to sites like this for their information.

Lawson1945, you hear Ezra Levant is coming to BC. Of course you did...

No, he's not going to bomb an Islamofacist hateful imam.

No, he's not going to bring along Danielle Smith and do a jam session.

No, he's not going to date quite eligible freedom fighter bachelorettes Alise Mills or Christy Clark or Mary Polak.

He's going to raise funds to your party. But that crrrraaaaaazzzzzyyyyyyyyy Albertan I like so much is gonna sure help get the socialist BCNDP into power by splitting the vote isn't he?

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