Clark job agenda mystery solved

This fall, Premier Christy Clark will try to keep her job by putting British Columbian jobs at the top of her agenda. According to news reports, Ms. Clark hasn't given any specifics about how she's going to maintain or increase employment in this province other than, for example, leading a trade mission to India and China. But if you look back over the past nine months, the premier has dropped quite a few hints about what's going to be on her job agenda.

Crack open Ms. Clark's Liberal leadership platform, for example, and you'll learn she committed to that trade mission during her bid to succeed Gordon Campbell. But that's not all she promised in the platform. She also talked about the need for a long-term tourism marketing strategy, the creation of an investment board to measure the progress of major projects through the government's regulatory processes and the desire to champion natural gas development.

Now I'm not saying Ms. Clark's jobs agenda will include all these initiative. Nor am I saying it won't include new initiatives. But I have a suspicion at least some parts of it were written many months ago.

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