Clark pushes for donations despite nixing election

Tonight, in interviews with select media outlets, Premier Christy Clark announced she won't be hitting the hustings until May 2013. But she's continuing her push to build a war chest for the Liberals. In an email sent to supporters and obtained by Public Eye, Ms. Clark reminded them New Democrat leader Adrian Dix will be "relentless in his negative attacks and, if he were to win the next election, relentless in driving up government spending, raising your taxes and helping his public sector union bosses at your expense." As a result, she's calling on Liberals to "continue to raise money, organize and get our message out." The following is a complete copy of that email.

Update on Election Timing and Defending & Creating Jobs for BC Families

Dear Supporter,

Tonight, I announced that we will not be having an election this fall and I wanted to take a second to share this news with you, as well as the thinking behind it.

Since becoming Premier five months ago, I have devoted my time to listening to British Columbians and they have been loud and clear -- we need to keep our eye on the ball with the provincial economy, especially in these globally uncertain times.

This is what we are working on with a jobs plan that focuses on expanding markets for our BC products, especially in Asia, making sure we have the infrastructure to get the products to market and ensuring that government is enabling private sector job creation, instead of standing in the way.

The foundations underpinning our plan will be twofold -- sticking with our fiscally responsible approach and making sure young people have the skills they need to succeed and prosper.

This plan will focus on defending the jobs we already have and creating new ones. Focusing on jobs is the most important thing we can do for BC families and we are going to be absolutely relentless.

Adrian Dix will be relentless too -- relentless in his negative attacks and, if he were to win the next election, relentless in driving up government spending, raising your taxes and helping his public sector union bosses at your expense.

We can't let that happen. Despite the fact there won't be an election this fall, we need to continue to raise money, organize and get our message out. It would be great if you could make a secure online donation today; sending $25, $50 or $100 today by clicking here will make a huge difference in ensuring that BC continues to have a free enterprise government in British Columbia.

Finally, I want to thank you for your input regarding election timing and for your continued support.



P.S. We really can't let up in our efforts to renew our party. Please consider making a secure online donation today.


Question to Christy Clark. Instead of vilifying Adrian Dix why don't you reform the BC Liberal government by abandoning the arrogance and dishonesty of the Campbell era in favor of transparency, democracy and integrity?

Looks like Adrian Dix really does have the BC Liberals running scared. Too bad we have to wait until May of 2013 to finally turf them. My concern is how much more damage they can do to this Province between now and then.

Regarding Ms. Clark's decision to avoid the presser and instead use 'selected media' to make her announcement...

It looks like a wee bit of a cat-fight ensued.


Adrian doesn't have the BCLibs running scared, HST does. Also there are several things laying in wait for Premier CC... and none of them are good such as the economy & a controversy over how she became Premier.

Interestingly, it could be concluded by those that have been paying attention that Mr. Keith Baldrey was either too scared, or too something else that starts with the letter 's', to interview Mr. Dix after he was granted his TeeVee 'exclusive' by Ms. Clark.

How do we know this?

Because Mr. Baldrey himself said as much himself during the catfight linked to, above.


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