Will there be an election? Don't bet against a risk taker

If Premier Christy Clark calls an election this fall, she'll be taking a big risk. But it wouldn't be the first time in her long political career that she's thrown the dice. In 2004, shortly after being named the minister of children and family development, Ms. Clark decided to quit provincial politics even though she would have likely won re-election as the MLA for Port Moody-Westwood. That could have been the end of her public life. But, in 2005, she made an outsider bid to become the Non-Partisan Association's mayoral candidate.

Ms. Clark was defeated by Sam Sullivan. But it didn't turn out to be a loss for the future premier because, two years later, she won an afternoon time slot on CKNW - being paid more money as a talk show host than she had ever been paid in politics.

Three years later, though, she took a leave from that job and potentially risked her future in broadcasting making an outsider bid to succeed Gordon Campbell as leader of the BC Liberal Party. What would have happened if that bid hadn't succeeded? We'll never know because Ms. Clark is now in the premier's office.

So will she throw the dice again by calling an early election? Well, I don't know for sure. But I certainly wouldn't bet against it given Ms. Clark's record of risk taking.


When the "Yes" side wins the HST repeal vote the BC Liberal Government will need time to act on the result. If it calls an election before fixing the tax matter, but only promises to do so, it will be giving the other parties a huge stick to beat it with. Having a reputation for deceit and arrogance, such a promise by BC Liberal government would not be credible and the other parties would exploit this.

The BC Liberals are polling right now on a fall election..The company name is..Probit, or probe it, something like that..

They ask age, gender, race, income, and who would you vote for if a provincial election were held, the Greens, the Dix led ndp or Christy Clark and the BC Liberals.


Sean, the Premier's hand just got forced.

Sean Leslie just tweeted, "#bcpoli; So, PCC--hold byelex to replace Black within 6 mos of him leaving as required, or pull trigger on gen elex? decisions, decisions.."

6 months from now is February. Alise Mills, our BCLib Coalition Pundit, has wanted that month in past appearances. With Premier Christy Clark last week claiming a busy schedule in the fall, it looks much like a February love-in reelection for the BCLibs.

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