Liberals plan to recruit more campaign volunteers

Public Eye has exclusively obtained a copy of an internal Liberal plan to put more boots on the ground during the next election, copying tactics that have been successfully used by the New Democrats. The party has always had a weak "ground game," having fewer volunteers than the NDP. As a result, the Liberals have relied on phone canvassing to identify and get out their vote. But the plan acknowledges it has become "increasingly difficult" for the party to contact its supporters over the phone because call displays, cell phones and telemarketers.

That means the Liberals need "people on the ground that can walk up to a house come election time and recognize the residence as a supportive one and then get them out to vote."

So the party has sent a 12-page document to MLAs, campaign managers and constituency association presidents with detailed instructions on how they can increase their volunteer base - recruiting between 50 to 100 new workers per riding.

The following is a complete copy of that poll coordination program, which was distributed by the party's field operations director Mark Robertson.

Poll coordination program overview


Thanks, Sean, for posting this interesting info.

Looks like the BC Liberals will resort to their tired old "Socialist Hordes" and "Ten Dark Years" rhetoric once again. Perhaps their now-longer list of transgressions leaves them only this rehash and it's pathetic.

A lot has changed since Gordon Campbell's third majority, some by revelation, some by magnification. Either way, the BC Liberals' biggest bug-bear by far is their dishonesty because, at this point, the more they try to deflect or deny, the more dishonest they will look. All their political opponents will exploit this fact and there is a danger it might become tiresome and eye-glazing, the list being so stupendously long.

This info shows that it will be absolutely essential for the NDP to refute, tack and hammer, every assertion that their ten years in power were an "economic disaster" and that they are controlled by big union interests. This they should be able to do handily based on some easily understood facts: StatsCan shows that the BC economy did much better under ten years of NDP than it did during the last ten years of BC Liberal mismanagement (i.e. the "Ten Dark Years" is bull;) labour union influence over the NDP has been much diminished with, for example, one-member-one-vote rules introduced and guaranteed union delegations to policy conventions reduced (most NDP members and supporters do not belong to a union.) These legitimate refutations of BC Liberal propaganda have the coincidental effect of underscoring their fundamental dishonesty without necessarily reading off the entire long list. Such are the wages of BC Liberal sins.

Essential will be aggression, which is why Carole James was replaced by Adrian Dix. Every accusation of lying and cheating will damn the BC Liberals if they refuse to engage and more so if they do.

Had to laugh at the instruction to discuss what the government has done to remedy to so-called "Ten Dark Years." I suppose the highest child-poverty rate in the country for several years running, along with much else, won't be brought up.

Hope you get to enjoy some much-deserved time off. Await your return.


I agree with much of what Scotty has said but I would add arrogance to dishonesty as a descriptor of the BC Liberals. However, the NDP has been a very weak opposition and its new leader has a personal history with the Clark NDP government that he must live down. Also, there are other options for voters. We have had the Green Party before but this time the BC Conservatives seem to be pulling it together. As for me, I would not want to be a BC Liberal person "on the ground" in the next campaign. Such a person will receive a lot of hostility from voters on both the left and the right.

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