Serious times require a serious government

Last week, stock markets plummeted, the United State's credit rating was downgraded by Standard & Poor's and there's talk the globe is headed for a double dip recession if it isn't already there. But does British Columbia have the right government for such serious times? I'm not so sure.

Back in July, Finance Minister Kevin Falcon warned the European and American debt crises could have a negative impact on British Columbia. "I don't control what's happening in Europe. But I'm very worried about what's happening in Europe because of the contagion risk," Mr. Falcon told reporters during a discussion about the government's prediction that British Columbia's economy would experience two percent growth in 2011.

But, since then, the Clark administration has said little if anything about the deteriorating global economic situation - or what measures the government will be taking to protect the families it claims to care so much about from its worst affects. And that could provide British Columbia's very serious New Democrat leader Adrian Dix a chance to fill that gap, talking about an issue the Liberals have so far failed to talk about.

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Im more worried about Kevin Falcon than the markets!

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