Government reviews recent wage hike for farm workers

The provincial government is reviewing a recent hike in the wages paid to British Columbia's farm workers, Public Eye has learned. Those workers are paid on a piece work basis, with the government having established a minimum rate that differs by crop. Those rates went up at the same time Premier Christy Clark announced she was raising the province's minimum wage. But a spokesperson has confirmed the government is now moving ahead with a planned review of the recently increased piece work wages "to ensure that they are appropriate for both workers and employers."

The ministry of labour, citizens services' and open government has directly awarded Zbeetnoff Agro-Environmental Consulting Inc. a contract to do that work in advance of a "decision" that's expected to be made in the fall. This, according to a notification posted yesterday on the government's procurement Website. The notification states that contract is worth up to $52,000. The following is a complete copy.

Review of regulated piece rates for hand farmers

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