Top of Mind - August 2, 2011

The harmonized sales tax information office's decision to directly award contracts to two Liberal-connected companies and a former aide to the minister who introduced the tax has created an unnecessary political problem for the government.

Instead of secretly doling those contracts out, the office could have notified the public of the deals it was signing Backbone Technology Inc., Campaign Research Inc. and Marc Andrew. Such an approach - which is often used by government when work is being directly awarded - may have created some short-term controversy. But, by not advising the public, the government looks like it had something to hide - undermining Premier Christy Clark's promise to be more transparent.


The unmistakeable stench of BC Liberal corruption.

I have to agree with you Richard, a ex Liberal member, you cannot trust any of them, they are only concerned with their own pockets that is the only reason their in the party, freeloaders who cannot find a real job or free loading on Arts and Culture grants.

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