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The BC Liberal Party has moved its headquarters. Formerly, the party was secreted away at 300-326 West Cordova Street - a property owned by Jan Paul Shason's Pacific Columbia Holdings Ltd. But it's now located at 300-440 West Hastings Street. Mr. Shason has previously been referred to in news reports dating back to before 2005 as one of the former premier Gordon Campbell's friends. Christy Clark succeeded Mr. Campbell as leader of the Liberals on February 26.


I don't see why this is news. I sure think considering the previous violent outbursts of BCNDP supporters dating back to at least 2001 & 2002, I question your judgment on this one.

Sean, you're a legend. You're the proverbial one guy that keeps the PAB AND Moe Sihota AND John Cummins up at night. Don't ruin that w/ blogging to blog, mon. Thanks :-).

What on God's green earth has "...previous violent outbursts of BCNDP supporters dating back to at least 2001 & 2002,..." got to do with anything related to this topic? As well is the second sentence just flattery to get it posted. What has political debate come to?


In 2001 a BCLib candidate in Vancouver was assaulted.

In 2002 BCGEU fans mobbed and hounded Premier Campbell and staff for their Core Services Review in a very angry, disrespectful way.

Also the former Premier had to relocate his home due to blatant harassment.

I could continue...

All political party offices locations become well know rather quickly. And yes, some folks get bothered. Some MLA offices get occupied. Way back when, a group were about to go visit Grace McCarthy till the smarter ones in the group said its simply not right to go to a MLA's home no matter to demonstrate. Why Gordo changed digs might well have been a family matter. Everyone soon found out about his temporary digs , a jail cell when he was caught and found guilty of drunk driving . I find it rather amusing that a poster here finds it , in his mind, necessary to lecture PublicEye on Line, on his blog articles.

So JosefK even if we pretend your comments are fact, which is really hard to do, what has a BC Lib candidate being assaulted and BCGEU members not being respectful but angry at a political attack on them got to do with the BCNDP. You see that is what I meant in my first comment. You logic just seems to take on such strange turns just to get in a shot at the NDP. It does make you sound silly. As well avoter is correct in suggesting that Gordo very likely changes his "digs" as a family matter. You are not helping your case. Next thing you will be suggesting that Clifford Olsen votes NDP so there must be some connection. Maybe he votes liberal? You never know.

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