Top of Mind - July 25, 2011

The provincial government's new freedom of information release policy doesn't just hurt journalists at weekly newspapers and monthly publications. It also hurts the New Democrats.

In the past, the opposition has had the ability to stockpile freedom of information request responses - deploying them what they can do the most damage to the government. But this policy means the New Democrats will no longer going to be able to do that. If they get a particularly juicy response over the summer or winter holidays, that's when they'll have to roll it out - no waiting for question period or an election.

Last week, the Council of the Federation was criticized for having corporations sponsor its recent summer meeting in Vancouver. But it's unlikely the council will put a stop to that practice.

After all, those sponsorships have been under fire since at least 1996. Back then, the Edmonton Journal's Linda Goyette wrote letting corporations pick up the tab for such meetings "not only creates an impression of conflict of interest, and undue influence, it is a de facto conflict. It suggests the premiers, and their legislatures, endorse Canadian Airlines over Air Canada, CNR over CPR, Nova Corp. over every other energy company, and TELUS over every other communications company." But such criticism didn't stop that practice back then and it certainly won't now.


Oh, hurting the New Democrats? REALLY?

Well aren't the BCLibs gleeful at the idea of causing hurt to the New Democrats who thought holding to account a candidate who co-wrote a manual on how to sue police was "vicious". Sean, BCLibs are not happy but gleeful to expose 'em, have Commish Denham investigate 'em, have Alise Mills sink her heels into 'em, have Mary Polak do her thang that just drives 'em wild, have Kevin Falcon smoke 'em, and smack 'em down for having no plan, you know the rest.

Poor argument Sean. Very bad call. Lesser men would shoot you down.

Thanks in advance for posting my critical comment. Thanks.

This sounds like another attempt by the BC Liberals to subvert democratic and traditional practice. This is the same group who touted "open and honest government" as a campaign slogan and they do anything they can to make it more difficult for the opposition just so they get an edge to do damage control. I don't think these guys like playing by the rules because every time the rules don't suit them, they change the rules.

Finally Sean, I don't know why you constantly post JosefK's inane and vacuous comments. They really are a turn-off to logging in.

Hal has it right. The Liberals change direction only when it suits them. How the first poster manages to get Mary Polak into the conversation is a real stretch. Her time as Minister of Children and families was a real train wreck and her new position just makes those of us who follow treaty work so carefully start believing the old gang isn't really all that interested in sorting out anything. I believe the Official Opposition has lots of plans and will be the next provincial government

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