Government will add detail to travel expense reports

Yesterday, the Times Colonist's Rob Shaw reported "politicians published their expenses for the first time this week in the government's annual Public Accounts report. But the report contained only two totals for each MLA. An itemized breakdown was unavailable, and no receipts or additional public accounting were provided." In addition, a similar deficiency presently exists on the new government Website that forms include information about how much was spent on in-province flights, other travel in-province, out-of-country travel and out-of-province travel. They don't, however, include the contextual details or information about hospitality spending featured in the federal expenses reports. But a labour, citizens' services and open government spokesperson stated, "Going forward, we do intend to provide further detail on travel expenses. We are currently looking at ways to have these travel expenses reported in a consistent manner that will enable us to post more specific breakdowns."

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