Government delays disclosing top executive salaries

The provincial government has delayed the release of information disclosing the compensation packages for its top executives. In the past, that information has been released at the same time as British Columbia public accounts, which happened on Monday. But, this year, its scheduled to be released "by September." The reason: the government is reviewing those statements to ensure they're consistent with the government's executive compensation disclosure guidelines - something the auditor general recommended in 2009.


Same government at work, starting up a new website supposedly to show us just how accountable they are. No end to their lies

So it's bad the government is doing what the auditor general recommended, Avoter? HUH?

Here, to quote from the executive compensation disclosure guidelines linked to by Mr. Holman, is the way things are now supposed to work with respect to public disclosure:

"A broad disclosure will be coordinated by government and projected for release within the first week of July. The information will be made publicly available on the PSEC website and employers must be prepared to post disclosure statements to their websites on the same day."

Thus, one can only conclude that the provincial government has NOT followed the AG's recommendation.


Ross, good catch. I was just responding to the last sentence Sean posted.

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