Potential star BC NDP candidates bad omen for Clark

In politics, the stars don't come out at night. They come out when they think their party is going to win an election - which is good news for the New Democrats and bad news for the Liberals. While Christy Clark's governing party is hand-wringing over whether incumbent candidates can be challenged for their nominations, Adrian Dix's opposition party looks like it may have some big names on its ticket when British Columbians next go to the polls.

Hospital Employees' Union secretary-business manager Judy Darcy is rumoured to be seeking a New Democrat nomination. Vancouver city councillor Geoff Meggs has been encouraged to put his name forward. And Sierra Club of BC executive director George Heyman is contemplating running for the New Democrats.

These are the party heavy weights who have better things to do than be an opposition MLA. But when there's a chance they could be a government minister, their names show up on nomination ballots. Which means some of the New Democrats best minds likely think Christy Clark's days as premier are numbered.


Oh please Sean. At least two of these people are just greedy people who want to "spread the wealth" and punish free enterprise. I'll get worried when Keith Baldrey & Bill Good get worried. Christy's got Fall 2011 in the bag... but of course I am a bit worried we still can't get Alise Mills to suit up.

That said Sean, you're a better muckraker than pundit by and far... heck knows now and only now Les Leyne is figuring out what you did several years ago that MCFD was, er, fooling around with statistics under duTroit and using one action hero named Mary Rose Polak as a tool & frontwoman instead of realizing she was their ace in the hole for their clientele - namely the kids in care.

Thanks for taking my criticism. I hope I wasn't going negative.

Anyone who spent some time working in the unions, which usually comes after they have spent some time working in the unionized sector of labor, is judged to be "greedy people" by the all knowing JosefK. Now if you come from the business sector and even if you are a lowly used car salesman you don't get the label "greedy people". Nope, that label only applies to those folks who spend their energies in the service of workers.

Now I have met all three of the above mentioned folks, Darcy, Meggs and Heyman and any one of them has more smarts than Christy Clark. I saw Christy today being interviewed on the news, she was pathetic.

What a shame !Bye Bye Christy Clark and the same old same old Liberals.

Sorry, I simply consider folks who decide to run in a situation like this, regardless of their political stripes, to be opportunists.

As I have said before (although maybe not in so many words), I wish we could attract people to run who are more "balanced" in their political views to run for office (for both of the main parties) rather than so clearly being on one side or the other. Sigh.

Well said Reid. Hal doesn't get that when the public sector unions make the demands they make in this economy they come across as greedy. After all, a call into CKNW yesterday - actually two on one YouTube - clearly shows that a) the BCNDP doesn't support their pundits and b) Premier Christy Clark's support is present but soft.

I'll say it again Sean. The corporate and business sector never makes any demands? So when the BC Liberal politicians cave in to these demands in terms of tax reduction, lower environmental standards, or HST tax shifts "in this economy" that does not count as "greedy people" or "opportunists"? Why is there this double standard?

Hal, great question. I see it as when a public sector union demands Billion$ that they don't deserve and nobody has. Or when the private sectory/business sector demands handouts or an end to the carbon tax shift through their Taxpayers' Federation troopers. Tax cuts aren't necessarily greedy, but need to be done in moderation.

JosefK, you missed the point. You called them "greedy" and Reid called them "opportunists". Union activists are a noble profession just as much as business. Unions work to protect and serve the interests of workers. Do you criticize a lawyers? They defend pimps and all manner of low life but a union activist works to advance organized unions. I'm saying that it is then just as proper to say that business people who go into politics and then pass legislation favorable to business are equally "greedy people" and "opportunists" - if you are going to apply the same rules.

Your response implies that when one of these "union types" is elected, they don't act with the commitment to the general public that all elected officials should have. Yet you also suggest that one of the business types will do that. I say that is a double standard. I won't even go into why it is that we are in the HST debate because if all politicians were true to their commitment to serve the general public they would not have started this whole fiasco. They would have campaigned on it during the last election the honest way.

When "union types" get into politics they more than the "business types" are capable of making tough decisions and some of those positions are not appreciated by unions. There are enough examples but give me one example of where a "business friendly" government made a decision not favorable to business that business did not support! Heavens remember the outcry on raising minimum wage just a little?

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