Meggs urged to run for BC NDP nomination

Vision Vancouver city councillor Geoff Meggs has confirmed he's been encouraged to run for the British Columbia New Democratic Party nomination in Vancouver-Fairview. "A number of people in Fairview have been urging me to do that for a couple reasons. They say I've lived in the riding for most of my life and they like the profile I've developed at council on issues like the environment and so on. But it's not a decision I can make right now. So that's where it stands. I can't rule out that, at some point, I might do it. But, at this stage, I'm focusing on the civic thing." Indeed, Mr. Meggs stressed he's already been nominated as a Vision Vancouver council candidate for the coming November municipal election, which he intends to run in. "I've got to focus on what I know is happening and that's the civic elections," he said. Last week, CKNW's Marcella Bernardo reported Sierra Club of BC executive director George Heyman is contemplating running for the BC NDP nomination in Vancouver-Fairview.


I do like this Meggs as a city councillor he is not that bright and former federation unionist, Why would I want a guy with a bad attitude that does not listen in Provincial Politics, You tell me what good is he to British Columbian Voters.

Meggs and this group of Mayors support this 2 cents tax which we do not like, Meggs a freeloading biker must have the burden of evergreen line shifted over to bikers they use the g.d. system, see my proposal on the BCC facebook page open to all for comments, we not like the g.d. Liberals who only Liberal members to make comments. Remember is 2% tax was not created by this Mayors group, it is a old trick by former Translink member Ken (Dumbell) Dobell it did not fly then and is not going to fly this time.

ex Liberal and signed the petition

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