Clark contribution largest Spectra donation to-date

Earlier, we reported a Spectra Energy Inc. subsidiary - which is employing Jay Hill as a lobbyist - contributed $20,500 to Christy Clark's provincial Liberal leadership campaign. But the date of that donation is recorded in Ms. Clark's Elections British Columbia filing as being March 1 - three days after she won the leadership vote. The premier's office didn't respond to repeated requests for comment about the timing of that contribution. But when asked why the donation appears to have happened after Ms. Clark crossed the finish line, Gary Weilinger, the vice-president of strategic development and external relations for Spectra's western Canadian operations, explained it was likely as a result of the amount of time needed to get internal company approval to make such a contribution.

Mr. Wellinger also said Spectra tries to take a "non-partisan view" of its political donations. Indeed, the company gave $2,500 to the New Democrats on September 24, 2010. But the bulk of its donations since it was spun-off by Duke Energy Corp. in 2007 have been to the Liberals. Spectra's contribution to Ms. Clark was Spectra's only leadership race donation and its largest single political donation in British Columbia to-date.


I guess we all know who Christy will be answering to....

She is not the sharpest pencil on the block!

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