Spectra's lobbying muscle includes Vancouver advisor

Last week, we exclusively reported Jay Hill has registered to lobby the lobby the provincial government about the laws governing carbon capture and storage facilities on behalf of Spectra Energy Inc. Spectra, the company that produces the most greenhouse gas in British Columbia, is angling to build just such a facility near Fort Nelson. But Mr. Hill - one of the premier's most vocal right-wing supporters - isn't the only one registered to work on that file for the Houston, Texas-based firm. Consultant Claire Mochrie has also signed-up to speak with government about "construction of a world scale carbon capture project at Spectra Energy Transmission's Fort Nelson natural gas processing plant."

According to her Website, Ms. Mochrie, the director of Vancouver-based Global Frameworks Ltd., "has been engaged on various program reviews, consultations and policy initiatives with the Government of British Columbia including a review of the provincial building industry and a number of major projects in the area of prescription drug policy and health care." The start date for Ms. Mochrie's lobby work was November 2, 2010.

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