If only Campbell was still premier...

I have a confession to make: I miss reporting on Gordon Campbell. Having covered eight of his ten years in government, I can assuredly say he was a complicated, contradictory and fascinating figure. He came into office advocating for smaller, more open and more accountable government. He even claimed to believe in a papal principle that a central authority should only perform those tasks that can't be performed at a local level.

Yet Mr. Campbell was also a technocrat who centralized power in the premier's office. He led a government that has been, at times, oppressively secretive and unaccountable - holding Howe Street in his thrall while seemingly seeking approval from its power brokers.

By comparison, his successor Christy Clark didn't sweep into office with an extensive network of supporters and connections - built up from years of being in the private sector and local government. Nor has she shown the same fascination with public policy that her predecessor did. And it's more difficult to figure out why she wants to be premier, other than the popular and perhaps incorrect explanation that Ms. Clark was raised to love the game of politics and its trappings.

Perhaps this will change when she has more of an opportunity to put her own mark on government. After all, it's only been just over four months since she was elected Liberal leader. But somehow I think I'll still regret - from a strictly journalistic perspective - that Mr. Campbell wasn't able to finish his third term in government.


Some of us obviously go father back watching Gordo. when he first got onto Vancouver City council he was called "The Kid" and complained about the Mayor on a regular basis. When he got to be Mayor he got into his secretive ways. Wanted his own stairway to the office, wanted his own shower and who knows what else. The guy was somewhat eccentric but soon leaned who were prepared to back him if he did what they wanted. Same sort of trend as Premier.I for one and quite glad to see him gone as he hurt so many people in this province with his numerous visions. Methinks it must be a slow news day around Public Eye

I see nothing wrong with a shower when you have all these meeting but with this current Vision Vancouver. It is the bike lanes and free pigouts that upset me more!

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