Canucks get no fan mail from team cheerleader Clark

Christy Clark was The Province's Vancouver Canucks "Jersey Girl." She lit the the city's 2010 Winter Olympics cauldron in the team's honour. And the team even gave her free tickets to attend Game Seven of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Yet, according to a freedom of information request filed by Public Eye, not a single record was sent between the premier, her office and the Canucks between the day she was elected leader of the provincial Liberals and that game. The following is a complete copy of the government's response to that request.

Vancouver Canucks freedom of information request


I think the fan mail was in the newspaper, on the TV and on the radio. The Premier sure caught some hell down here in the PublicEyeOnline comment threads for her efforts.

I guess it proves that it was all about a photo op and when that opportunity is gone so are the cheers.

Is it reasonable to presume that one of the reasons that Mr. Holman mounted this fruitless FOI request was in an effort to determine if there was any correspondence between the hockey team and the Premier's office that led to the following, from Public Eye's archives?

....moderators on the team's official message board appear to have deleted two threads whose titles reference the "Curse of Christy Clark."....

I see Mr. Free Speech for Me Not Thee is back at work. Rest assured the contempt is mutually agreed damnation.

Perhaps the reason why that thread was removed was because it was a political matter on a sports blog. As I said then, "I really salute the Canucks for muting political talk on the sports site. The BCNDP have their Busking Gazette, their Tyee, their ReSpun Reality and they come over here and try to overmatch the global BCLib fan/fans. Furthermore, this blog's a great place to discuss the intersection between politics & sport versus"

Damn, it would be nice if the BCLibs had a few fans as hyper as Ross and Hal. It really would make a world of difference.

But they do have a fan, JosefK. You. Or are you just feeling alone? It is a sign of the times. BC Liberals supporters are very muted these days and it should be no surprise. The left never seems to have a problem withholding support when their people mess up but the right seems to really anguish about keeping their folks honest. Imagine that in a democracy.

Thank you Hal, you made my afternoon as I fight depression. Thank you :-).

But Alise Mills and some of the rest of us hard-core BCLibFans having a mute button? Oh please... what next, BCLiberals lose 20 pounds of fat?!? LOL.

Oh no JosefK , you and Alise whatshername will be shouting liberal slogans forever and promoting fat everywhere, even if it occupies a seat in the legislature.

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