Government caucus retreat set for next Tuesday

Christy Clark will attend her first government caucus retreat as premier next week. The three day event is scheduled to get underway on Tuesday at Harrison Hot Springs. It takes place against the backdrop of discussions about whether Ms. Clark will call an election this fall - the chances of which appear to be decreasing.


And just as the caucus falls in retreat from the media, I betcha they'll look up and hear a red & black surplus RN Sea Harrier painted up in Public Eye Online colours...

Quite frankly my friends, I can't believe somebody would just blurt out this information. Now the corporate media can file expense claims to take their significant other & themselves to a hot springs while playing either 007, Jack Ryan or... Sean Holman.

Imagine watching a room full of BC Liberals practicing the "black art" of planning how to deceive enough voters to get elected for another 4 years. I would rather have a root canal.

The political get meetings at Harrison have been a favorite spot for political parties for many years. Must be one of the worst kept secrets going the rounds

All I care that Kevin Falcon, Richard Coleman and others are removed from government, also there will be the firing of this ass at BCLC.

@Josef K why do you not go to Harrison Lake and straighten this useless Liberal Cabinet out! You know all the issues!

@Josef K since you have alot to say join us on the BCC facebook page, we are not like the Liberals where you have to be a member,although I support their concept of government Im not a member yet, so join the group

Lawson1945, thanks buddy but I'll decline. Also I doubt seriously I can straighten out BCLib fatigue unless:

a) Alise Mills is team captain/Premier

b) Sean Holman is in the inner cabinet to keep us honest

c) A detailed plan to renew, refresh and reset the BCLibs is written out, conversed about and carried out.

@Josef K just what I expected from you and I know you would out of your comfort zone because posts there are instant, here they need moderator. who in the hell is Alise Mills?

I see Josef is back to his old form..that is he never left while complaining that posts are not thoughtful enough>

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