Former Olympics boss the wrong man for the job

The government got it right last week when it appointed Doug Keefe, a retired senior bureaucrat from the Maritimes, to head an independent review into the recent Stanley Cup riots. But Premier Christy Clark got it wrong when she helped name John Furlong co-chair of that review - a process that needs to not just be independent but also impartial. Mr. Keefe knows something about impartiality, having been deputy minister of Nova Scotia's justice department after spending 30 years in the civil service. But Mr. Furlong is better known for his partiality, having been the cheerleader-in-chief for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Before that he was chief executive officer of one of the most exclusive private clubs in the province. So this is is someone with deep personal connections to the community and many of its most prominent and powerful members - someone who is now responsible for judging that same community's preparations for what Mayor Gregor Robertson has described as an "embarrassing and shameful" event.

Which makes me wonder why Mr. Furlong was put in charge of that review in the first place.


I'd prefer just turn the matter over to and just blame Gregor Robertson. Who in their right mind would put a mosh pit in a downtown area - which was inherently, incredibly insecure? Who in their right mind wouldn't listen to Mike Klassen who pushed for emphasis on families like Surrey did?

I think Sean Holman should also be on this panel. Turn him loose to see how much blame the BC Gov't should get...

It is obvious why. He needed a job.

Perhaps Furlong was appointed to help remove the tarnish from BC's image. This would be consistent with the typical BC Liberal emphasis on style over substance.

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