Liberal election preparations continue

Christy Clark's governing provincial Liberals continue to prepare for an election that may or not happen in the fall. Earlier, we told you the party's election readiness co-chair Rich Coleman had spoke to MLAs about whether they were planning to seek another term in office. Now, Public Eye has learned MLAs have been asked to provide the party with the names of their senior campaign staff next week.


Sean: Thanks for the leak. W/ the BCRail saga playing on... w/ a Premier who wants a popular mandate... w/ the BCNDP kinda aloof... w/ the BC Conservatives clearly blowing away... kinda seems right to go in mid-August.

My advice to the BCLibs: Tell people this is about democratic mandate for the next four years, this is about either post-HST or tax reform, this is about free enterprise vs. socialism.

Overall: Some may not want yet another election, but with neither party leader having a popular mandate and at least one wanting to renovate their party better to drop the writ. After all, the BCLiberals' election law only set a cap of four years - not a only-in-four-years rule.

Ms. Perky Christy had better hurry as some main line newspapers are starting to talk about her rather weird talk, both here and in Ottawa. You are going down Christy

Avoter, if Premier Christy Clark, MLA could beat THE Kevin Falcon + THE Alise Mills + Mary "Rockette" Polak on one team + George Abbott in the stop-Christy movement, I think Adrian Dix can only lose.

Dream on JosefK, unlike you I get to vote in this province.Christy likes photo ops, but what else can she do?

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