Keefe to head Stanley Cup riot review?

Today, The Globe and Mail's Rod Mickleburgh reported "the head of an independent review into the Stanley Cup riot is expected to be named this week." So who might get that job? Could it be Doug Keefe, the former top bureaucrat at Nova Scotia's justice department? Inquiring minds want to know!


I nominate Alise Mills (BC's SUPER Pundit), Mike Klassen of and Sean Holman of to conduct the riot review. Alternatively we can have 3 NHL refs do it, but then we'd get a riot reenactment. I don't think we need an Olympic-size review either.

BTW, there's a great City Caucus YouTube review of Robertson's Riot. Very well done BBQ of chicken, if I may say so.

This is a complete waste of taxpayers dollars. Any reasonable person knows by now what was not done and what needed to be done. The riots in 94 should have made the outcome this time quite obvious but the profits trumped precaution. Let Furlong and Keefe go out and find meaningful employment away from the trough.

Oh Hal, your tone stinks. Let me guess you too weared a "Resist 2010" T-shirt?

In other news, Mayor Robertson was being kind of a bully today. I'll let you watch the tape.

Part of the review clearly needs to be strengthening muincipal governance, especially if provincial bucks are going to be spent. Other BC muincipalities also have a history of riots.

To make it really a joke, Furlong gets to be Christy's guy as co chair

JosefK, I don't know what you are on about but then I doubt you do as well. I didn't "weared" any such thing and this has nothing to do with municipal governance. It has a lot to do with using common sense and not being focus on the dollar signs of a great party in the downtown. Vancouver city staff and the police can give you a better report and cheaper than two people looking for a highly paid job. Maybe it is they way they do things in Washington.

Hal, I didn't care for, "Let Furlong and Keefe go out and find meaningful employment away from the trough." Really ruined a fine comment.

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