Clark's blue sky statements darken her political future

When Gordon Campbell was premier, he was criticized for drafting policies on the back of an envelope in the same way Christy Clark is now being criticized for making up policies on the fly. But, unlike Mr. Campbell, Ms. Clark doesn't have a public reputation for being a policy wonk. She doesn't have a public reputation for having a Christmas reading list that later turns into government policy. Nor does she have a public reputation for describing her approach to government using a Latin-derived term - something Mr. Campbell once did.

Instead, Ms. Clark has a recent reputation for appearing to favour style over substance, for being the Vancouver Canuck's "Jersey Girl" and for once saying her favourite show is Spike TV's Manswers. Now that may not be fair. But that's the perception.

As a result, Ms. Clark is more vulnerable to criticism than Mr. Campbell was when floating questionable policies such as tying healthcare spending to GDP growth, holding a free vote on the harmonized sales tax in the legislature and giving British Columbia more representation in the Senate by leaving vacant Red Chambers seats allocated to other provinces.

She doesn't have the public persona - at least not yet - to make these kind of blue sky statements. And, by doing so, she's darkening her future prospects of electoral success.


Style over substance? Like attending SFY, U of Edinburgh, and the Sorbonne and graduating from none of them?

What a surprise,

Needless to say, the substance is THE Kevin Bieksa... oops, Falcon!

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