Late arrival anticipated for ferry regulation review

The results of a high-profile review of how the province's ferry system is regulated won't be available until early next year - later than initially anticipated. British Columbia Ferry Commissioner Gord Macatee announced he would be putting the legislation governing his office under a microscope late last month as part of an effort to deal with concerns ferry fares are too high. At issue is an apparent conflict in that legislation which requires Mr. Macatee to consider both the interests of ferry users and the financial sustainability of British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. when approving fare increases. The commissioner said that review would be completed by November. But, according to a document quietly posted on the government's procurement Website, his recommendations are now being drafted between December 1, 2011 and January 15, 2012. The following is a complete copy of that document, in which the commissioner requests the services of a consultant to assist in developing that report. The report must be submitted to government by January 24.

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