Top of Mind - June 27, 2011

What can we expect from former CTV News Vancouver anchor Pamela Martin now that she's moved into the premier's office?

In William Shakespeare's play Henry V, when the king wanted to find out what his soldiers were thinking before the Battle of Agincourt, he disguised himself as a commoner. But Christy Clark - who was elected leader of the provincial Liberals after having been a media personality - has taken a different approach to find out what British Columbians are thinking. She's hired former Ms. Martin, another media personality, as her outreach director - a story Public Eye broke last week. In that capacity, according to The Vancouver Sun's Jonathan Fowlie, Ms. Martin will "help the public's concerns be translated into action by sharing with the Premier the challenge British Columbians face navigating government." But it remains to be seen how connected she actually is to those challenges, making $130,000.11 in her new job - more than three times what most people in this province make.

Did Carole James make the right decision to stay in provincial politics?

From a political and professional standpoint, yes. The New Democrats will find it easier to fend off a challenge from Green leader Jane Sterk in Victoria-Beacon Hill with Ms. James running for re-election there. Ms. James is also seen by the media as a moderate. So her decision will provide her successor, party leader Adrian Dix, with a counter to accusations he's a leftist. And it means Ms. James will get a shot at being in cabinet should the New Democrats form government.


Everybody knows who Christy Clark is and how awesome she is, hence no disguise will work. Her voice is that of a great broadcaster & good leader and as recongizable as the intro music to Public Eye Radio, quite frankly.

Yup, so awesome she needs another media type to assist. Pity we pay the costs.

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