Bureaucracy rains on premier's Family Day proposal

The provincial civil service has warned the premier there might be problems if she keeps her controversial Liberal leadership campaign commitment to consult on creating a new holiday in February. Christy Clark initially described her proposed Family Day as a "great chance for families to renew themselves and a reward for all the hard work that is done by B.C. workers." In a news release distributed in January, Ms. Clark acknowledged the business community has some "legitimate concerns" about that proposal. As a result, she promised to talk with members of that community and families to see "if all agree the concept of a holiday in the middle of the winter makes sense." But a confidential briefing document submitted to the premier just four days after she won the Liberal leadership race advised "creating meaningful dialogue about the Family Day proposal will be a challenge."

According to the document, which was prepared by ministry of citizens' services, "On the one hand will be employers who will balk at the expense of another statutory holiday."

"On the other hand will be employees, who will be at best happy or at worst indifferent about an extra day."

So what should Ms. Clark do about that problem?

Well, the civil service appears to have provided the premier with some suggestions. But they were redacted by government prior to releasing the document in response to our freedom of information request.

The following is a complete copy.

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