Former CTV News anchor joins premier's office

Former CTV News Vancouver anchor Pamela Martin has joined the Premier Christy Clark's office, Public Eye has learned. Ms. Martin was Ms. Clark's membership drive chair and election day co-chair during her successful bid to become provincial Liberal leader. Ms. Martin will now be serving as the premier's outreach director, effective today.


No big surprise. Standard political fare to bring in the team that brought her in. But I don't think this Premier needs an "outreach director". Hmmm...

During a television interview she admitted she had no clue about what the job would entail. When told that her salary exceeds that of an MLA she explained she was not aware of that but we should all be assured she will work hard for her $130,000. Work hard at what? Pathetic?

An Outreach Director is someone hired to make Christy Clark more popular at taxpayers expense. Pathetic is right!

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