Smart Tax Alliance gets smart and goes negative

The fight over the harmonized sales tax will come down to a fight between hatred and fear - hatred of the tax versus the fear of what will happen if it's scrapped. At least, that's what I predicted back in April. But, up until now, that hasn't happened. Fight HST has been doing a lot of hate mongering. But the government and its Smart Tax Alliance allies haven't been doing a log of fear mongering. Instead, they've preferred to promote the HST's positives. Politically, I thought that was a mistake because going negative works.

And it seems someone at the alliance agrees because, last week, it rolled out a tough new advertisement warning British Columbians of what it sees as the dangers of going back to the provincial sales tax. So the question now is whether that fear mongering has come too late to save the HST. And, based on recent polling, it looks like it may have.


Im Voting Yes, Why they are giving us nonsense the rate is only 10% in three years, this is not acceptable, the 10% must be applied immediately, why can Liberals never do anything without a catch. Just like the smart meters of BC Hydro

Sean, it's the BCLiberal aces we're talking about here. Alise Mills, Christy Clark, Kevin Falcon, the list of A-stars to this B-movie goes on. We'll win. SmartTaxAlliance already fired off a missile at FightHST trying to knock their lies off the air. We'll win. My team doesn't have VanderZalm and beat back all the recalls. We'll win.

Enuf said.

I think it's hilarious that Jagger and the Smart Tax Alliance are trying to get VZ's ads off the air because Fight HST is not telling the truth.

What does he call it when the Smart Tax Alliance tells people the HST is 10% and that if the tax is defeated people will pay MORE tax? And that the Liberals are the ones responsible for getting rid of the 300 tax collectors in the first place?

Seems like the pot is trying to call the kettle black. Could it be because they see the writing on the wall, and regardless of the millions of dollars they have already spent, it's not going their way?

Our grand daughter with two degrees told us to day that she is pretty sure she would vote to keep the HST because the rate is now down to 10 percent. We reminded her that the drop won't be for a few years. she then decided her vote would be a "yes". BS in advertising works a lot of the time. Didn't work this time, and most thinking people know who is twisting the truth and its the No side of things. Lots of Anti HST signs out our way and all locations are approved by the highways ministry

Seems that the Smart Tax Alliance is erecting huge 6X8 signs all over BC that say: Keep the HST at 10% - Vote NO to higher taxes.

Keep it at 10%? That is an out and out lie. These people are desperate and will do and say anything to win - truthful or not.

Vote YES to extinguish the HST!

Vote "no" for higher taxes? That is completely false. We have higher taxes now and will still have them at 10% whenever that happens. You have to vote "yes" for lower taxes.

Yes, I voting Yes to the HST,the Liberals have a choice if you want us to keep HST. The rate of 10% must be effective immediately. If you going to lose revenues then you know what to do. Cut the salaries of legilative team, deputy ministers, senior officials, government employees, crown corporation by 70% in short if your making 100,000 you will now be making $30,000 as should be for what you do!

Lawson1945, it doesn't work that way. It really doesn't. Dawn a while ago wrote a great comment about how it's now bad either way for those who need help.

his is what the Premier Christy said in Prince George, "“If we take Adrian Dix’s suggestion and vote yes to getting rid of the HST we’ll be $3 billion in the hole,” Now I ask you, what does that tell you. It tells me that before we had HST the province took in $3 billion less. If that is not true, then she is lying. If it IS true then the provinces finances are in a real mess and we the people need to buy our way out so Christy can tell us during an election what a great fiscal manager she and her cohorts are. So it is all about creating a perception for the liberals and nothing about honesty.

I suspect that the $3 billion includes money collected since HST and it would have been collected in any event had the PST and GST remained. Except that it would have been paid more fairly by business and the public. I also suspect that it includes the $1.6 billion bribe from the feds which was only to cover the mess that BC's finances were in. Either way it is a lie.

Josef K, I'm just curious, how are you going to vote?

Have any of you seen your ballot?

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