"Curse of Christy Clark" comment poster banned

The individual who created two deleted "Curse of Christy Clark" threads on the Vancouver Canucks message board has said he was banned from the online forum after questioning whether that scrubbing was politically motivated. Public Eye earlier told you about those deleted threads, which warned the premier not to reignite the city's Olympic cauldron, lest she jinx the team's Stanley Cup playoff changes. In an interview, the individual - who asked that his name be withheld because he's seeking employment - acknowledged he created them as a lark.

The individual said he doesn't personally believe in such superstitions. But he said he knows a lot of sports fans do. So he wrote the threads to "get a rise of people," because of the lack of connection between the Olympics and the Canucks and "I also don't like to see politicians riding coattails that are really unrelated to them and currying favour with the electorate."

The messages were later deleted, with Canucks spokesperson T.C. Carling suggesting that might have happened because another thread discussing the cauldron lighting already existed, along with several other potential explanations.

Afterward, the individual posted two comments questioning those deletions - with last one wondering if the Canucks are Liberal backers. He was then banned from the forum.

"I was just positing more than anything. 'Why are you guys doing it? Is this because you're Liberal supporters?' I can't remember the exact wording. The threads are gone. And it's not like I have a copy of it," he said.

The Canucks have not yet responded to a request for comment placed yesterday.

Earlier, we reported on how the team, it's owner Francesco Acquilini and his companies have contributed $618,705 to the BC Liberal Party and its candidates between 2005 and 2010. Of that amount, $25,000 was donated directly to Ms. Clark's leadership campaign.

Yesterday, The Globe and Mail's Ian Bailey also revealed the Canucks have given the premier a pair of tickets to the team's Game 7 Stanley Cup showdown with the Boston Bruins.


This really isn't news either Sean as much as say the fact child poverty is still a problem or the fact that the Canucks will win Game 7 or the fact the HST postal vote is in serious danger of becoming a total disaster. This Canucks forum is a corporate forum about sports and I know some caller called CKNW Sportstalk and got the what-for for 20 minutes because he called out Adrian Dix for not wearing a Canucks jersey or something like that. Most people don't want politics with their Canucks.

But I do salute the Canucks for supporting our Premier of the Northwest by giving her tickets to the game. Hope troops also get tickets... as well as Lara Dauphnee who has been literally bullied by BCNDP bullies... as well as Alise Mills who has been the greatest pundit for the BCLibs... as well as Sean Holman, the greatest journo of the Rockpile... as well as some of the cops who have given so much to our communities. That's certainly news.

Finally, I would encourage this fella - not me - to come here and debate politics intersecting with Canucks. That's what PublicEyeOnline is for.

It appears that Mz. Christy must have appeared at the game, as Vancouver is getting pounded once again

No Watch this for some Christy fan named Joe giving a prediction... after bragging about three "gorgeous, intelligent women" not being allowed to play in the NHL.

Yeah, I think we know who's to blame for the jinx. Christy and her fans. They don't riot, they accidentially jinx.

I guess the team was jinxed. Great work Josef.

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