Dauphinee to join board of trade leadership

Premier Gordon Campbell's former deputy chief of staff will soon be helping lead The Vancouver Board of Trade. The Vancouver Sun's Darah Hansen reported yesterday that Lara Dauphinee is being named a board director by incoming chair Wendy Lisogar-Cocchia. Ms. Dauphinee was described in the article as being vice-president of Fiore Financial Corp., which is headed by Canadian business executive Frank Giustra. Her LinkedIn profile states she's been with the corporation since April. Ms. Dauphinee is one of Ms. Lisogar-Cocchia's two discretionary board appointments.


Thanks but no thanks for fueling the conspiracy theory blogheads out there... sometimes Sean, respectfully I scratch my head and wonder why this is news.

It is news because the corporate sector always looks after its friends.

And Hal what real friend doesn't?

I'm glad you admit that the BC Liberals are in the pocket of business interests.

I did not say that. BC Liberals are there for free enterprise, not corporations who just got a BCLib tax increase.

When you do the bidding of business and corporations in term of shifting the tax burden and making access to resources easier and then get a nice cushy appointment from the after you leave politics that is a good indication you have been and are in their pockets. No excuse works. The rule applies equally. No wiggle room.

Then I think Hal we have two different perceptions of the same event...

No Josef, not perception. But maybe there is a difference between "the same rules apply" and "different strokes for different folks". You seem to use the latter. Differnt standards of ethics, maybe.

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