HST "persuasion campaign" would be "criticized"

Earlier, we reported the provincial government had started running an ad promoting the benefits of the harmonized sales tax as part of its $5 million HSTinBC.ca "information campaign." But, according to Finance Minister Kevin Falcon, there will be no ads promoting the benefits of returning to provincial sales tax "because there's isn't any positives of moving back." This, despite an earlier promise not to run a "persuasion campaign." Now, the government has rolled out a series of ads promoting its harmonized sales tax fix. So what will be the consequences of that roll out? Well, in an earlier news conference, Mr. Falcon said the government would be "rightly criticized" if it turned its "information campaign" into a "sales job," causing public opinion to "boomerang and we'd get nowhere."


The government is losing the discussion so have dropped any pretense of a fail and equal information process. Falcon certainly flip flops as does hie leader. The fall election will be interesting as the province sheds itself of Liberal deadwood. Not a moment too soon

This is not the first time Kevin Falcon has bold faced lied, yes Sean, a bold faced lie, Falcon as transportation minister claimed the evergreen line construction would start in 2009..What year is it now?..2011

You would have better luck finding space aliens than a BC Liberal "kept promise"

The strategy has changed out of desperation now that it has become clear the government's future is at risk.

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