"Curse of Christy Clark" Canuck comment threads axed

Last week, the premier was on the receiving end of accusations she had jinxed the Canucks bid to win the Stanley Cup playoffs by reigniting Vancouver's Olympic cauldron in their honour. But moderators on the team's official message board appear to have deleted two threads whose titles reference the "Curse of Christy Clark." In one of those threads, a poster warned the premier not to light the cauldron. In another, fans were encouraged to email Ms. Clark in an effort to ensure that didn't happen.

Asked about those deletions, Canucks communications and community partnerships vice-president T.C. Carling explained in an email, "When threads on the same topic are created multiple times, the moderators will often keep the busiest thread going and delete all the others in an effort to keep conversations organized. They will also delete threads that may become inappropriate with too much cursing, or that get too personal, or simply get too far off topic."

Another thread discussing the cauldron lighting does exist on the message board, titled "Premier Clark to re-ignite olympic cauldron for Canucks Monday." Most of the comments in that thread criticized the lighting.

The following are cached copies of the aforementioned comment threads.

Stop the Curse of Christy Clark - Canucks Community

The Curse of Christy Clark - Canucks Community


I really salute the Canucks for muting political talk on the sports site. The BCNDP have their Busking Gazette, their Tyee, their ReSpun Reality and they come over here and try to overmatch the global BCLib fan/fans. Furthermore, this blog's a great place to discuss the intersection between politics & sport versus Canucks.com.

Christy Clark curse...Closing court houses, closing operating rooms, the only curse Christy Clucking Clark has brought us is a continuation of Gordon Campbell`s "Corporations first" policy.


Mz. Clark has been playing the sports card for some time. Mind you the Vancouver teams owner has passed a long a ton of money to her and the Liberal party

Suppression of dissent continues under the Christy Clark regime, this time with the help of Carling and the Canucks organization.

Game 4 could have been because Stephan Harper attended. Hockey players and fans are a superstitious lot so why censor the stuff on the site. That alone might jinx game 6. I shudder to think tha a win by the Canucks then becomes some photo op for politicians. Bad enough seeing fans cheering "We're number one!." when they are not on the ice and never will be. That's hockey.

So, attempting to change the public record by scrubbing potentially embarrassing things in one's past is a good thing according to commenter Joseph K. who is so astute that, in his own mind at least, he should open an institute all his own.

Oh yes, now I understand.....

For those interested in the context of someone's apparent recent scrubbing of the astute Mr. K's own past online antics, which once included 'joking' calls to bomb NDP supporters (ie. 'socialist hordes') in the Fraser Valley, please see the following previous PublicEye thread here.


(Oh, and Mr. K, while I may not be quite as astute as yourself, I do like to play music with my kids, which is, apparently, something you take issue with based both on your comment above and the obfuscatory nonsense you now try to post at my place with some regularity. Having said all that, please understand that, like Mr. Holman, I too am in the habit of saving screenshots in an effort to ward off scrub-assisted obfuscation of the public record and the promotion of demonstrable falsehoods, astute or otherwise.)


Oh RossK my eyes roll. I might like it except I wish you'd leave politics to the pros & the gamers (me). Not for amateurs who can't get over a hit to payback for a hit. Personally I wish I hadn't made that ad the way I did, should have made very clear I was pissed at smears not BCNDPers as people.

Of course all this outrage and busking on blogs forgot one nice little thing I said, "this blog's a great place to discuss the intersection between politics & sport versus Canucks.com." Nothing wrong with busking and I wish I had musical talent, but if we can't have debate on the "Busking" Gazette then I'm not going to advertise it Ross.

Furthermore folks I'm supportive of the Canucks.com staff banning politics over there - this is our rink friends. Bring 'em over here!

Pssst... I hear from CKNW Premier "Jersey Christy" Clark, MLA will be at Game 7 :-).

I hope Boston makes a contribution to her retirement fund.

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