Government to review costs at Shared Services BC

The province is eyeing the costs of the back office services provided by Shared Services BC. But a government spokesperson said the review won't lead to further layoffs at the division, which axed 218 employees during last year's "workforce adjustment" initiative. The contract to do that work, which has an estimated value of $455,000, will be directly awarded to international accounting and consulting firm Deloitte Ltd.

The spokesperson said the government isn't going through a competitive bid process, in part, because Deloitte recently completed a related project for the ministry of labour, citizens' services and open government. So if the government hired a different contractor, that earlier work would have to be duplicated.

The review will also look at the pricing for Shared Services BC's services as part of an effort to ensure the office's government clients is getting the value for its money. The following is a complete copy of the notice of intent to award that work to Deloitte.

Notice of intent to contract with Deloitte

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