Clark used chartered plane from McLean company

When Christy Clark was running for the provincial Liberal leadership, she did so using a chartered plane from one of businessman David McLean's companies, Public Eye has exclusively learned. A spokesperson for the premier has confirmed the use of that plane was recorded as a $23,035 in-kind donation from Blackcomb Aviation LP, which is part of the McLean Group of Companies. Mr. McLean is chair of the group, as well as Canadian National Railway Co. - which was the successful bidder to operate British Columbia Railway Co.

That contribution shows up in Ms. Clark's Elections British Columbia leadership campaign filings, which were released last month. But it wasn't included as part of the voluntary financial disclosure statement she released on February 22, even though $18,799 worth of Blackcomb's billings are listed as having been made before that date.

The premier's spokesperson said that's because only cash contributions were included in the voluntary statement. In-kind donations were tallied at the end of the campaign, which wrapped up on February 26.


As a Christy Clark supporter, thanks for your reporting Sean and most of all thank you to Mr. McLean for the air support. Together we will keep the BCNDP out of government. Sadly we can't help the Canucks win games 4 & 5...

So we now have more intrigue within the Liberals' "railgate" story.To quote Sir Walter Scott:"Oh what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive". However, there are those who do not care about Liberal deception as long as the NDP does not form a government. Has politics in BC become a race to the bottom?

No conflict of interest here....!!

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