Clark and Coleman continue to push for autism centre

Premier Christy Clark continues to support her predecessor's controversial decision to fund a new autism education and research centre in Vancouver. And, in estimates debate last week, housing minister Rich Coleman also said he also supports the project - in part, because his sister does. That centre is controversial because the government has notionally committed to spend $20 million laying down its bricks and mortar. But some would rather see the money spent on services for the autistic. Nevertheless, speaking with reporters, Ms. Clark insisted the centre "will really mean a huge improvement in service for families that live with autism."

For his own part, Mr. Coleman, said he's been "hearing in the ear about autism and the need for this type of centre in British Columbia" from his sister, who is an "expert in autism." As such, Nicholas Simons she would "be able to explain to you the benefits of these things much better than I can," prompting this quip from the New Democrat MLA: "When are her estimates?"


Sean, I have a history on this file so as far as this Aspergian, thank you big time for reaffirming my faith in you and I'll leave it at that. :-)

Since she's the premier, and he's the minister, why are they "supporting" the project instead of announcing the funding for the project?

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